Pallets can be this easy! Only 5,5kg in 800×1200 mm.


A clean solution – without nails, splinters or fraying.


Measurable lower costs for transport and storage.


The environmentally friendly lightweight pallet with the least possible usage of raw materials.

B4B – The lightweight pallet

Pallets Can be This Easy

Light, Smooth, Clean, Stackable, and Ecological

A pallet in 800×1200 mm, with only 5,5 kg weight and a load capacity of 900 kg

The booming export markets were missing a light but strong pallet. This pallet was designed by German engineers to create the ultimate lightweight pallet.

B4B – The lightweight pallet


Light, Lighter, B4B


The brand new pallet weighs only 5,5 kg and has dimensions of 800×1200 mm. A combination of composites and construction make it possible to have a load capacity of approximately a ton.

B4B – The lightweight pallet

A Clean Solution

Clean, Cleaner, B4B


Every B4B-lightweight pallet has a clean and closed surface without nails, splinters or fraying. HDF is free of any mold issues and is up to IPPC/ISPM-15 standards.

B4B – The lightweight pallet

The Cost-Effective Solution

Smart, Smarter, B4B


The stackable and space-saving B4B-lightweight pallet reduces transport and storage costs because 100 pallets in 800×1200 mm or 200 in 600×800 mm fits in one square meter of storage space.

B4B – The lightweight pallet

It’s Green

Ecological, More Ecological, B4B


Ingo Mönke, CEO PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG: “Resources from ecological forestry, the usage of a complicated HDF construction, and the ISPM-15 conformity allow the usage of this pallet for export markets around the world”.

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Everything You Need Around a Pallet!

PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG, established in 1972, delivers more than 10 million pallets and box pallets to all of Europe, yearly (

Daniel Stadach, head of sales and marketing: “PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg AG is known to provide the production, trade, and logistics with innovative ideas since the first day of establishment in 1972. With our B4B-lightweight pallet, we have the perfect load carrier for the export industry”.


B4B – Stats, Facts and Information

What You Have to Know About the B4B-Lightweight Pallet

Specific data for our B4B-lightweight pallet can be downloaded in form of our data sheets. Handling instructions for our B4B-lightweight pallet can also be downloaded. Certificates for REACH, PEFC/FSC, and non-wood can be found here. All other information can be taken from our product information sheet.

Air travel documentation can be found here.

You can find the bearing capacity tests in the following document.

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